Serving through Trial


Perrin's Park was created to serve several functions. One of these essential functions is to support families who have gone through or are going through the challenge of loss. This is a ministry close to our hearts, yet we know such support is best offered by close family and friends. Often times, though, we don't know how best to help others or let others help. It may seem menial, but we suggest a prayer, a verse, and a listening ear. We pray the resources included below will enable you to better support your friends and family and to aid you as you walk through grief when you face loss.



Grove of Grace began as a way of physically remembering those lost through a living memorial as a small grove of trees on the third tier of the park. Park benches, plantings, and trees throughout the park are marked with plaques in memory of children to members of the church family and supported missionary families. We are also planning a perennial flower garden to remember the many children whom we have not been able to meet and the many lost that remain secret. Trees Greenville has generously supported us in this endeavor.



Speaking from personal experience, it's easy to get lost in sorrow. Grief is messy and personal. While our purpose is not to tell you how to mourn and remember, we want to provide resources that you may find helpful as you journey through loss. We hope some of the resources we've included below will be of help to you. Below you will find a repository of scriptures that we found comforting, several books that were helpful, and a link to share your story or ask for prayer. We recommend that you consider journaling through your path. I can't tell you how much it helped us to take time every morning and evening to write down what we didn't feel comfortable sharing and what verses helped us through that day.


“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

2 Corinthians 12:9  |  ESV


Grieving Resources

Perhaps the most challenging and most crucial element of loss is identifying support. While we know we cannot fill the void you are now feeling, we hope the resources below will help you begin the healing process.


Among the most encouraging things friends did for us was to share a verse of encouragement. Redirecting our thoughts away from ourselves and onto biblical teaching provided us with perspective and comfort. My wife and I recited a verse to each other every morning for over a year after the loss and we often repeat it when we still struggle. We pray you will be comforted by these scriptures.


Reading is not for everyone, but for some it's just what is needed. Spiritual and Academic books differ distinctly in approach, style, and purpose. We've included a list of some of our favorites for you. We have read through each of the books included on the list. If you have one you would like to share with us, please do so through contact us and we will gladly review it.


Undoubtedly, any path to healing requires loving prayer warriors taking your pain before God's throne often. We have a number of dedicated individuals who would be privileged to share your burden. If you would like a confidential prayer partner, please reach out to us with your story. While we are not currently setup as a support center, we will do everything we can to shoulder your weight of loss.


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